Easy Fitting Galvanic Isolator

boat hull rusting at water lineIf you thought that stopping corrosion to your boat was hard, I’ve got great news for you…  IT’s NOT! In fact, fitting a Galvanic Isolator is probably the simplest thing you can do to STOP Galvanic Currents from rotting your boat’s hull.

Fitting a Galvanic Isolator is SO easy that some people have trouble believing just how effective a solution it can be, but make no mistake – these things do the job. In fact, not only can our isolators prevent Galvanic Currents, they also protect against Earth Leakage, which are even MORE damaging.

Avoid hull damage, prop’ corrosion, overplating etc…. fit a Galvanic Isolator. It takes less time than reading this post. 

does my boat need a galvanic isolator