Fact 1: Galvanic Currents ROT Boats

Fact 2: Our Galvanic Isolators STOP the Rot!

Whenever a boat is connected to an electric hook up, small "Galvanic" currents flow between the boat and the shore. As these Galvanic currents flow, they carry away tiny particles of your boat. So... when you see pitting on your prop', or along the waterline, chances are that it's caused by Galvanic currents.

Lots of narrowboat hull corrosion is caused by Galvanic Currents, which can shorten the life of your anodes - and hull - dramatically! Our Galvanic isolator blocks those currents, which stops the rot - instantly. And as an added bonus, anodes last much longer too.

Fitting our Galvanic Isolator takes a few seconds. Anyone can do it, because our isolators are designed for easy DIY fitti. There's no need to open up your boat's electrics, and you won't be needing a degree in electronics. In fact, if you can't easily fit this isolator yourself, simply return it for a full, no quibbble refund.

As soon as you've fitted your Galvanic Isolator you're protected. In fact the protection starts the very second you plug it in. Full Lifetime Guarantee. Made right here in the UK.

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