The trouble with Galvanic Currents is you can't see them. But if you could, they'd probably look like boat-eating-sharks.

What you need is a Shark Killer. That's what a Galvanic isolator does. (No, it doesn't kill sharks, but it DOES stop Galvanic currents from corroding your boats hull).

Does YOUR boat have Galvanic currents? It's easy to check. Just look around the waterline for signs of pitting - that's where Galvanic corrosion often starts. And a simple Galvanic Isolator can stop Galvanic currents instantly. It's a LOT easier than warding off hungry sharks.

There are two main types of Galvanic isolator, and both do exectly the same job. Neither is better (or worse) than the other. Plug in isolators simply plug in to your boats electric hook up cable. It couldn't be simpler.

Wire in Galvanic isolators need to be "plumbed in" to your boat's electrical system. This is not a difficult job, but if you prefer not to tackle the black art of boat electrics, we suggest you go for a Plug In type instead.

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