Galvanic corrosion can damage a boat in less time than you'd imagine. Small unwanted electrical currents flow along your electric hook up cable. Electricity always "wants" to flow in a circuit, and the easiest circuit it finds is through your boat's hull.

As the electricity flows to earth, it carries particles of your boats anodes and hull with it. This quickly leads to pitting (usually around the waterline).

The majority of metal hull and sterngear corrosion is caused by Galvanic Currents, which can shorten the life of your boat's anodes, hull etc. - dramatically! Outdrives and saildrives are especially vulnerable, as they are usually made from "soft" metal alloys, and are easily corroded.

You can stop this easily, with a Galvanic isolator. You can fit a Galvanic isolator yourself. Our plug in types are THE simplest to fit. In fact, there is NO Galvanic isolator that can be fitted as quickly & easily as our plug in models. (And our wire in types are pretty easy too)..

isolation transformer for boat

All because he didn't have a Galvanic isolator

To keep your boat in fantastic condition, protect her with a Galvanic isolator.

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