Ghosties & Ghoulies are pretty scary. But not NEARLY as scary as Galvanic Corrosion. Galvanic Corrosion doesn't scream, or go bump in the night! Instead, it silently dissolves your boat's hull, molecule by molecule, until she sinks to a watery grave.


OK, that's enough dramatics for now. The point is that Galvanic corrosion rots the hull of your boat. It happens because your boat acts like a battery, and the battery's current carrys away tiny fragments of the steel or aluminium hull.n fact, 

galvanic isolation for boatsThe simple solution is to plug a Galvanic isolator into your electric hook up cable. This BLOCKS the Galvanic currents, and stops the corrosion. It's 100% effective, and works for ALL sizes of boat. No Eye of Newt required!!


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