In case you didn’t know…

how to stop rust on a boat's hullA Galvanic isolator is a device that prevents tiny DC currents coming on to your boat through the electric hookup wire. These currents can cause serious corrosion to your hull, propeller, driveshaft etc.

Your boat acts like one plate of an enormous battery. Any surrounding metalwork, and even the minerals int the ground act as the other plate. The canal is the electrolyte. Don’t worry… the voltage isn’t large enough to hurt a person, but it can damage a boat.

A Galvanic isolator breaks the circuit and stops those Galvanic currents from flowing.

The simplest Galvanic isolator you can get is our Plug In model – the one in the picture above. It just plugs onto the end of your electric hook up cable and completely blocks the currents that would otherwise corrode your boat.

EVERY boat that’s connected to an electric supply NEEDS Galvanic Isolation.

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