"Canal Wisdom" will tell you that Galvanic corrosion stops when the weather gets cold.

galvanic isolators in cold weather

DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!    Galvanic corrosion NEVER stops.

Whatever the weather, if your boat’s connected to an electric hook up, you need to protect the hull from Galvanic Currents, which can (and will) rust the hull, and waste the anodes in no time.

Our Galvanic Isolator BLOCKS Galvanic currents. INSTANTLY

Specially designed to be really easy to fitted by normal human beings, NO drilling, NO tools, and NO electrical knowledge are needed. Fitting it takes about as long as it has taken you to read this.

If you want a Galvanic Isolator that gives you ALL the protection with NONE of the fuss, you couldn't make a better  choice.

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