If Galvanic isolators are a bit of a Black Art to you, don’t worry… you’re in good company. That’s exactly why we’ve produced an easy to follow Galvanic isolator e-book that will answer all your questions, and help you choose the Galvanic isolator that’s right for your boat.

We have produced an e-book that will answer all your Galvanic isolator questions

free-galvanic-isolator-e_bookThe e-book will answer questions like “Is a 32A Galvanic isolator stronger than a 16A one”, and How do I know if my boat has Galvanic Corrosion”, plus a lot more questions that you might not even have thought of – yet.

For example, what’s the difference between a Galvanic isolator and a Zinc saver? (They are the same thing), and Which type of Galvanic isolator is better… wire in or Plug in?

Please feel free to download the book. There’s no signup needed. Just click <HERE>, and you’ll go straight to the download. We guarantee that your download is virus-free.