Some things in life can’t be avoided. But some things CAN. Fortunately Galvanic Corrosion one of the things that you absolutely CAN avoid!


best galvanic isolator uk


You probably already know that Galvanic Currents can seriously damage your boat by corroding the hull, anodes, prop etc.

The GREAT news is that you can put a STOP to Galvanic currents quickly and easily. You don’t need an electrician, or any electrical knowledge. Just plug it in and forget it. The protection is INSTANT. With our Galvanic isolator connected, we 100% GUARANTEE that NO Galvanic currents can flow in your electric hook up cable.

You’ll see just how well our Galvanic Isolators  work when your boat next comes out of the water. But to give you an idea, you should expect FAR less pitting, anodes lasting longer, and in most cases, coating of metallic hulls in better condition.

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