More boats sink through corrosion than from "Cilling" or accident damage put together!

Our Galvanic Isolators are designed to protect against ALL forms of corrosion currents. That includes Galvanic Currents, Earth Leakage, and Stray Currents

That’s vitally important, because it’s not just Galvanic currents that corrode boats. In fact, Earth Leakage is FAR more damaging. But of course, our Galvanic isolators can protect against those too!

galvanic isolator lifetime guaranteeEVERY Galvanic Isolator we produce is fitted with an AC Bypass Capacitor for ultiumate reliability.

Without going into all the geeky stuff, briefly an AC Bypass Capacitor ensures that under all conditions, your isolator gives you GREAT protection. In short… if you're buying a Galvanic isolator, make sure it's fitted with a capacitor!

Our Galvanic isolators are built to last. They are designed and built in the UK, and they ALL carry a LIFETIME Guarantee.

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