Galvanic Corrosion... it wrecks boats. How does it do that?? Tiny electrical "Corrosion Currents" flow in your electric hookup cable, and they find their way to earth through the hull of your boat. And as they flow to earth, they carry particles of your boat with them. This is called Galvanic Corrosion. It can ONLY happen when your boat's connected to an electric hook up, but when it DOES happen, it can be devastating, causing pitting, and in extreme cases, even HOLING a boat's hull.

How To Check:

image of galvanic corrosion on a  narrow boat

Pitting caused by Galvanic Corrosion

Check around the waterline of your boat. If there's pitting, there's a good chance that it's being caused by Galvanic currents.

In many cases, you'll see that the pitting is silver in colour. The silver is from your anodes, that has plated the pits in the hull. It follows then, that te anodes are likely to be badly depleted too. But even if the pits aren't silver in colour, you should still suspect Galvanic corrosion.

The GOOD news is that you can stop Galvanic corrosion easily, with our simple Galvanic Isolator that just plugs onto the end of your electric hookup cable. It's 100% GUARANTEED to stop Galvanic currents in your hookup cable.

With the costs of repairing the damage from Galvanic Corrosion often running into thousands, it makes sense to protect your boat NOW. 

  All you have to do to fit one of our marine Galvanic isolators is switch off the power (dohhh), remove the electric hook up cable from either the boat or the shore end (either end works equally well), and plug our Galvanic isolator on to the end of the cable. Then simply reinsert the connector. It takes a matter of seconds. No tools or electrical knowledge required. We supply full instructions, (but to be honest, it's pretty obvious).

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