We often get asked how you can test your Galvanic isolator. 
how to test a marine galvanic isolator

It's not hard, and we've written a special web page that shows you exactly how to do it. There's a link at the very bottom of this message.

All you'll need is a multimeter, a couple of small croc' clips, and a terminal screwdriver. (You will NOT need sticky backed plastic, Sellotape or an egg carton)!

Of course... having read so far, you might have absolutely NO idea what a Galvanic isolator is, or why your boat might need one. Don't worry - 80% of boat owners don't know either! Let's put that right.

So just what IS a Galvanic isolator?

A Galvanic isolator is a simple electronic device that protects your boat's hull from corrosion. If you're connected to an electric hook up, you need to prevent tiny unwanted electrical currents from finding their way up your shoreline - because if they do,  they'll quickly corrode your boat's hull. And that's exactly where a Galvanic isolator comes in... it stops your boat's hull from rotting.

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