Every boat that plugs into an electric hook up should have Galvanic isolation to prevent severe hull corrosion. But it's even MORE important to know if your boat has earth Leakage problems.

galvanic isolator boatsThat's because Earth Leakage is even more damaging than Galvanic currents. Up to 1 in 3 boats have Earth Leakage issues, and most of the owners don't even know about it.

Earth Leakage often comes from things like chaffed cables or moisture ingress, but more recently, it's from "Tech" equipment like battery chargers, TV's phone chargers etc. The electronics in these appliances can generate a "Signal" that's picked up by the boat's wiring, and conducted to earth in the form of Earth Leakage. 

This model has two indicator lights that constantly monitor your boat's earthing, and warn you instantly if you have Earth Leakage. So you can resolve it, before it does some REAL damage. 

galvanic corrosion on narrow boat galvanic isolator is the solution

Propeller Damaged by Earth Leakage

The damage can be severe, like corrosion of the boat's hull and prop'. Also, driveshafts and bearings can be badly affected. And the damage happens FAST. We're not talking about years here - or even months... Pitting can start in days. We've seem props go from brand new to ruined in 3 months.

This isolator is constantly monitoring the earth... checking for leakage, and naturally, you get top class Galvanic isolation as well - blocking TWICE the Voltage of conventional isolators. That's why it's in our "Extra Protection" range... it protects against Galvanic Currents AND Earth Leakage. And it does it superbly.

You don't need an electrician to fit it - simply plug it on to either end of your electric hook up cable.

There's much more information on the model's own page.

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