Galvanic Isolators are FAB. They do exactly the same job as an Isolation Transformer, but with LOWER leakage, and at a fraction of the size, weight and price. PLUS (and it's a BIG plus), you don't need an electrician to fit it for you. In fact, you don't even need a screwdriver. You just plug it in, and you're protected.

Not only that... an Isolation transformers wastes some electricity - it's less than 100& efficient, which means that you are paying for electric that you don't use!! A Galvanic isolator doesn't use ANY electric, so you won't see your electric bill go up.

galvanic isolator installation

A simple plug in Galvanic Isolator can completely STOP Galvanic Corrosion on your boat, protecting the hull from pitting and "rusting", and helping the anodes last MANY times longer.

It's not unusual to see boats with no Galvanic isolation who's anodes have eroded to nothing - in a matter of MONTHS. And when the anodes are gone, the hull's next!! You DON'T need the boat out of the water to fit a Galvanic isolator. You simply plug it on to the end of your electric hookup cable. Protection is INSTANT, and you don't need any tools at all.

Galvanic Isolators are without a doubt the best way forward, protecting ANY boat, in ANY type of water....

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