When your boat's connected to shore power (electric hook up), Corrosion Currents can rot her hull, prop, stern gear etc. And they can do it FAST. A Galvanic Isolator can stop this from happening. 

In a nutshell, a Galvanic Isolator prevents the hull of your boat from rusting away when you're connected to an electric hook up.

In fact, ALL our Galvanic Isolators are 100% GUARANTEED to stop Galvanic Currents.

galvanic isolators for GRP boatsYou don't need to be a genius to fit a Galvanic isolator. The Plug in model shown needs NO tools and NO electrical knowledge to fit.  

In most cases, you can fit it in under a minute. In fact, there's a video HERE that show just how simple it is!

We designed this Galvanic Isolator to be totally effective - and it is! It completely BLOCKS Galvanic currents from flowing along the electric hook up cable, and when the Galvanic currents are blocked, the corrosion simply can't happen.


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