Galvanic isolator DOUBLES Anode Life!

extend narrowboat anode lifeThe other name for a Galvanic Isolator is a Zinc Saver – that’s because it can easily double the life of your anodes.

Our Galvanic isolators completely BLOCK Galvanic currents from coming down your electric hookup cable – stopping one of the main causes of hull corrosion on boats. Result… Anodes last longer – MUCH longer!

Not only that, it also greatly extends the life of your boats hull. Galvanic isolators aren’t complicated. The simplest ones just plug on to the end of your electric hookup cable.

Galvanic isolators aren’t expensive either! In fact, our lowest priced model costs under £50 – a lot cheaper than a set of anodes. Check them out <HERE>.

Have a great day 🙂