Galvanic Isolator that Tests Itself!

galvanic isolator with test buttonGalvanic Isolators do a fantastic job of protecting your boat’s hull. But how can you be sure your isolator’s working? Great news… we’ve introduced a brand new model, The Gi-120 ST. The ST stands for “Self Test”.

To test it, you push a button. That’s it! No need to remove the isolator, and no test equipment’s needed. Two LED’s give you a simple readout that checks the isolator, AND the earthing system to the boat.

As you’d expect, Galvanic Corrosion Currents are completely BLOCKED, plus the isolator alerts you if your boat has earth leakage problems, (which can be FAR more serious than Galvanic currents). We’ve also fitted an AC bypass capacitor for even greater protection.

For lots more information, please visit the product’s very own page < HERE >