Galvanic Isolators.... Borrring!!!

There’s not much in the boating world that’s more BORING than a Galvanic Isolator. All it does all day is sit there protecting your boat from premature corrosion. Now how boring is that!

The other name for a Galvanic Isolator is a Zinc Saver – that’s because it can easily double the life of your anodes.


Of course, you may prefer a more exciting life… replacing anodes, getting your hull overplated, bailing water out. But personally, I’d recommend the boring option. Our Galvanic Isolators come with LIFETIME GUARANTEE, so they go on and on protecting your boat for YEARS. Now how BORING is that?

We have a Galvanic isolator for EVERY boat. And our Galvanic isolators are renowned for being incredibly easy to fit. So much so, that if you can't fit our plug in Galvanic Isolator yourself, just return it for a FULL refund. 

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