Canal and river cruisers may be constructed from Steel, GRP or even Aluminium. Our Galvanic Isolators protect them all. No other Galvanic isolator is more effective at completely BLOCKING corrosion currents.

100% Compatible

Our Galvanic Isolators are designed and manufactured in the UK. They are designed to be totally compatible with ALL hull types and materials, as well as fresh, brackish and salt water. Differing water types and hull materials call for different sacrificial anodes, but our Galvanic Isolators are universally suitable for all vessels in all environments.

Narrowboats and widebeams are often connected to shore electric supplies either permanently, or for long periods of time. The vast majority have metallic hulls, and much of the time they are unattended, so your Galvanic Isolator needs to be unquestionably reliable. Our are, and we back up our confidence with a LIFETIME guarantee.

Instant Protection

Install your Galvanic Isolator in moments. No tools, or electrical knowledge needed It just plugs in to your hook up cable, and gives IMMEDIATE¬†protection.¬†STOP Corrosion Currents as easily as putting in a plug. Our Gi-120/P range of Galvanic Isolators are the world’s ONLY truly Plug & Play isolators.

GRP vessels need protection from Galvanic Currents. Ourboards and sterngear are particularly at risk in marinas, where Galvanic currents can make short work of the “soft” materials that are used in their construction.

Simple Installation

Our plug in range of isolators is designed to give a high level of protection, couples with incredibly simple installation. ALL our Galvanic Isolators are guaranteed suitable for use in salt water, and with all types of anodes.