Galvanic Corrosion – Terrifying but TRUE

Galvanic Corrosion GRP boatsWhat could be scarier this Halloween, than your boat silently rotting away without you even knowing about it? Imagine, if you dare, millions of tiny venomous fangs gnawing through the hull devouring her soul and sending her to a watery grave.

OK… maybe I’m getting a bit carried away, but if this all sounds like something out of a scary movie, you’d be wrong!

Every day, thousands of boats are at risk because they don’t have a Galvanic Isolator fitted.


Galvanic Corrosion really DOES sink boats. And you can stop it – DEAD with one of our simple plug in Galvanic Isolators.

Get your fangs on a Galvanic Isolator – before the Galvanic Monster gets YOU!!

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galvanic currents and galvanic corrosion