Have YOU got Galvanic Corrosion? (It’s easy to check).

how to overplate a narrowbost

If you use an elec’ hook up, check around the boat’s waterline. That’s the place you will usually see Galvanic Corrosion. Look for pitting. If there is rust, scrape a little off, and if there is pitting below it, there’s a good chance that it’s caused by Galvanic Corrosion.

Welders LOVE Galvanic Corrosion.

Galvanic Corrosion happens when your boat is plugged into an electric hook up. It slowly but surely eats away at your boat’s hull, and can even hole it. Galvanic Corrosion is the TOP reason for boats needing overplating.

A hull re-plate will cost about £8k. A Galvanic Isolator costs under £70, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

You can protect your boat from Galvanic Corrosion in a few seconds. For more info, please click  Here