Did you know that fitting a Galvanic isolator can easily DOUBLE the life of your anodes. And sometimes it can do even more than that.

When your boat's connected to an electric hook up, tiny Galvanic currents can erode your anodes fast. This happens because they're the "softest" part of the boat's metalwork. They're designed to "sacrifice" themselves to save the boat's hull. (Hence the name "Sacrificial anodes").

galvanic isolator sacrificial anodes

Depleted Anode

A Galvanic isolator prevents Galvanic currents from flowing, thereby lengthening the life of your anodes (and your hull). The difference can be huge. The lower picture shows an anode after only 8 months in the water (moored in a marina, with NO Galvanic isolator fitted. 

Compare it to the upper picture of how the anode looked just a few months earleir. At that rate of Galvanic corrosion, the anode would have been wasted to nothing in about 18 months. Then, with nothing to protect it, Galvanic corrosion would start eating away at the bboat's hull, prop and sterngear - in fact, anything that's metallic and underwater.

You can easily fit a Galvanic isolator yourself - usually without any tools or electrical expertise, and the cost of a Galvanic isolator is FAR less than a set of anodes.

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