Plug In or Wire In... Which Galvanic Isolator is Best?

Galvanic Isolators.... Plug In or Wire In?

We're often asked which type of Galvanic isolator is better, the Wire In or the Plug In type. You might expect a permanently wired in isolator to be somehow "better" than a plug in - but it's not.

Essentially, both do exactly the same job, and both do it equally well. So it comes down to a matter of preference. We have a fitted Plug in Galvanic isolator on our boat, so obviously that's my personal choice. The beauty of the Plug in isolators is that there is no wiring, drilling etc., involved, whereas the wire in type do need to be installed absolutely correctly to do their job properly. 

It's totally impossible to connect a Plug In wrongly. If you can put a plug into a socket, you can install one of our Plug In Galvanic isolators. So for reasons of simplicity, I tend to reccomend that customers go for one of our Plug In models.


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