Galvanic Isolator – Plug In – Extra Protection – Status Monitored with High Security fixing


Galvanic Isolator with high security fixings.
With Status Monitor.


Galvanic Isolator – Plug In – Status Alert – Anti-Theft

Surge Current 500 amps


galvanic isolator with lifetime warranty

LIFETIME Guarantee

Extra Protection

Anti Theft Design

Fitting a Plug In Galvanic Isolator couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need any electrical knowledge – it just plugs in. It’s weather proof  Guaranteed to work just as well as the wire-in type. 

Fortunately, theft of galvanic isolators is extremely rare, but if you prefer your isolator to be firmly fixed to your boat, we have the answer. Based on our top-selling range of Galvanic Isolators, and incorporating the added advantage of professional high security fixings, this isolator is almost impossible to steal. In fact, if it’s fitted in accordance with our instructions, if it gets stolen, we’ll replace it FREE.

anti-theft galvanic isolator

If it’s stolen, we’ll replace it FREE

Stainless steel clamps securely fix the isolator, whilst our patented “once in never out” fixings ensure that even if a thief comes equipped with tools, removing the isolator intact will be practically impossible.

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Virtually Un-Stealable


zinc saver that cant be stolen

Patented Anti Theft Screws

Even though it’s almost impossible to steal, it’s still incredibly simple to fit, requiring just two fixing holes (3rd hole optional). We supply a choice of fixing screws, including pozi drive cross head screws, which will deter an opportunist thief, or for those requiring ultimate security, we also supply a set of patented cam-head screws which are easy to insert, but virtually impossible to remove. So much so, that if you fix your isolator in accordance with the instructions, we will replace your isolator free if it gets stolen.


Our Galvanic Isolator Gi-120/SA/HS simply connects between your shore supply and the mains inlet of your boat. For ultimate security, we recommend fitting it at the boat end.

security approved galvanic isolators ukNo other Galvanic Isolator is as easy to fit


Fitting your Plug In Galvanic Isolator couldn’t be simpler. FULL fitting accessories and instructions included. Tools required: Drill, Screwdriver. And it’s guaranteed to work just as well as the wire-in type. 
galvanic isolator with earth leakage warningThis model offers Extra Protection over standard galvanic isolators.

The most obvious benefit is the Status Alert Indicator, which constantly monitors your boats earth connection for faults that could lead to corrosion of the hull, or even life threatening mains voltage earth leakage faults.

Bright, easy to read indicators warn you immediately a problem is detected.


Extra Protection. Under the bonnet, there is our “2-stage Protection System”, which protects your hull against electrical noise and Galvanic & Stray Voltages up to twice as high as a normal galvanic isolator.

image showing how electrical noise can adversely affect the operation of galvanic isolatorsExtra Protection is strongly advised – especially if you have electronic items on board.

Most electronic equipment, mobile phones, computers, TV’s etc have “switch mode power supplies, and these can introduce electrical “Noise” into your boats electrical system. In extreme cases, the noise can defeat single stage galvanic isolators, so we have developed our Extra – Protection System to give you added protection.

How It Works…

Check your earthing at a glance.

how to use a galvanic isolatorBoth Lights OFF: Your galvanic isolator is operating normally. No action required, so just check back occasionally to ensure that all’s well.

One Light ON: If either of the lights are on, it indicates DC leakage. This can cause severe corrosion to your boat. Our instructions give clear basic advice on how to resolve the problem.

BOTH lights ON: If both lights are ON, this indicates AC leakage, usually from the mains wiring or a connected appliance. AC leakage can be a danger to life. Please see instructions for help in rectifying the problem.

Our Gi-120/SA/HS Plug In Galvanic Isolator simply connects between your shore supply (hook up) cable and the mains inlet of your boat, (preferably at the boat end for security).

A typical installation is shown in the picture.

The isolator can be mounted at any angle.

thief proof galvanic isolator

■ Status Alert Indicators

■ 2-Stage Protection

■ Uses NO power

■ 100% Maintenance Free

■ Simple to Fit

■ LIFETIME Guarantee

This galvanic isolator is designed to STOP Galvanic AND Leakage currents in their tracks, whilst ensuring that the safety electrical earth is unaffected, so you remain FULLY PROTECTED from electrical faults. Its a quick, simple no-compromise solution to the corrosion that YOUR boat will almost certainly be suffering unless you have a galvanic isolator fitted. Plus our 2-Stage Protection System gives you protection against voltages of up to TWICE that of a normal galvanic isolator.
plug in zinc saver galvanic isolator with status monitor

galvanic isolator with lifetime warrantyThe Gi-120/SA/HS has a LIFETIME guarantee against faulty materials and manufacture. We also offer a FREE checking service for your peace of mind. (You may want to get your galvanic isolator checked in the event of a major electrical fault, lightning strike etc).


16a galvanic isolator connector with dimensions. You must have the right isolator to match your marinas mains supply and your boats electrical input sockets or the connections won't fitIf your mains connecting cable has a socket that matches the measurement in the photo, this is the correct galvanic isolator for you.


What’s in the box…

safest galvanic isolator

Galvanic Isolator Specification


  • Voltage: 110 – 250Vac
  • Surge Current 500A
  • Easy Installation
  • Extra Protection
  • DC Status monitoring: YES
  • AC Status Monitoring: YES
  • 2-Stage Protection: YES
  • Temperature Range -50c to 120c
  • Fully Waterproof body to IP66
  • Connectors Waterproof to IP44
  • Quality Construction

The Gi-120/SA/HS galvanic isolator is suitable for shore supplies that are protected by a RCD (Earth leakage circuit breaker) with a tripping current not exceeding 30mA. If in doubt, please contact a qualified electrician, or call us on 0757 807 3490

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