Galvanic Isolator – Plug In – 32amp Connectors


Plug in Galvanic isolator for 32a shore supplies.

Available to order – dispatched in 2 – 3 days. Please call 0757 807 3490

Please check that your supply is 32a before ordering

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Galvanic Isolator – Plug In – 32 Amp

galvanic isolator with lifetime warrantySurge Protection to 500 amps


LIFETIME Guarantee


If you’re lucky enough to have an electric hook up rated at 32a, we’ve got you covered with our Gi-120/32 galvanic isolator. If you’re not certain whether you have a 16a or 32a supply, just measure the plug, and compare it to the image at the bottom of this page. In the UK, the VAST majority of supplies are 16a.

Galvanic Isolator Gi-120/32 simply connects between your shore supply and the mains inlet of your boat. You can fit it at either the boat end or the shore end.

■ Fitted in seconds

■ NO Power Loss

■ 100% Maintenance Free

■ Fit and forget

galvanic isolator zinc saver with 32amp connectors. Prevents galvanic corrosion to boats hull, fittings and stern gear The Isolator is designed to STOP Galvanic AND Leakage currents in their tracks, whilst ensuring that the safety electrical earth is unaffected. So you remain FULLY PROTECTED from electrical faults. Its a quick, simple no-compromise solution to the corrosion that YOUR boat will almost certainly be suffering unless you have a galvanic isolator fitted.


galvanic isolator with lifetime warranty.

The Gi-120/32 is has a LIFETIME Guarantee. We also offer a FREE checking service for your peace of mind. (You may want to get your Galvanic Isolator checked in the event of a major electrical fault, lightning strike etc).



Galvanic isolator zinc saver 32amp connection plug. Galvanic isolator for 32amp supply If your mains connecting cable has a socket that matches the measurement in the photo, this is the correct isolator for you.



Galvanic Isolator Specification


  • Voltage: 110 – 250Vac
  • Connector size 32a
  • Surge Current 500 amps
  • Temperature Range -50c to 120c
  • Fully Waterproof body to  IP66
  • Connectors Waterproof to IP44
  • Quality Construction
  • Fit & Forget operation
  • 30 second install time


The Gi-120/32 is suitable for shore supplies that are protected by a RCD (Earth leakage circuit breaker) with a tripping current not exceeding 30mA. If in doubt, please contact a qualified electrician, or call us on 0757 807 3490
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