Galvanic Isolator – Plug In – Extra Protection – 500Amps


500 Amp Plug In Galvanic Isolator with EXTRA Protection


Surge Current 500 Amps – EXTRA Protection

Plug In Galvanic Isolator. Designed & built in the UK. Ideal for all types of boat, that connect to a shore supply using the standard 16a connectors. Perfect for Canal, River and Sea vessels.

galvanic isolator buy online500 Amp rated

Extra Protection

Compact Design

Lifetime Guarantee

A high quality Galvanic Isolator. CE marked. Hand built and individually tested for full compliance with specification.

best make of galvanic isolatorUnconditionally guaranteed to prevent Galvanic Currents from flowing in the boat’s mains hook up cable. No “If’s”, no “But’s”… it does exactly what it says on the tin!

The Gi-120/BK plug-in Galvanic Isolator is easy to fit, and gives a high level of protection.

It provides excellent protection from Galvanic Currents flowing in the mains hook up cable, and can prevent severe corrosion of hull, anodes and underwater metalwork.

FANTASTIC VALUE. How do we do that???

We sell more Galvanic Isolators than any other UK manufacturer, so we are able to purchase our components in vast quantities. Also, because we manufacture our products ourselves, rather than importing them from the far east, we make great savings, which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

how to fit galvanic isolatorInstallation requires no electrical knowledge whatsoever. The unit is weatherproof, and is intended to be mounted outside the boat. It can be connected at either the shore end or the boat end of the hook-up cable. Protection against Galvanic Currents is instant and automatic.

EXTRA Protection

EXTRA Protection means that instead of a having single protection element, our isolators have TWO, connected together. This DOUBLES the isolation Voltage, and gives added protection against Earth Leakage and Stray Currents.

galvanic isolator status alert logoEarth Leakage can be even more damaging than Galvanic Currents.

Earth Leakage is caused by faulty equipment or wiring, and often shows no obvious symptoms.

A staggering 1 in 3 boats have earth Leakage problems, but Earth leakage won’t always trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse. In fact, the first you may know about it is when your boat’s hull has begun to corrode. By then, it’s often too late!

To combat this, the Gi-120/BK has EXTRA Protection and Status Alert, so if you have a problem with Earth Leakage, the warning lights will come on to warn you. Then just follow the simple instructions that come with the isolator to resolve the problem. Nine times out of ten, you won’t even need an electrician’s help.

This is how Status Alert works…

We advise you to check the lights on your isolator periodically. Neither of the LED’s should be lit. If they are, simply follow our easy to use guide to resolve the problem.

It’s simply a case of switching things off until the light(s) go out. The last thing you switched off is the culprit!

Easy to fit:

Absolutely NO electrical knowledge is needed. Click HERE to see the fitting instructions. Please see the picture below for “what’s in the box”.

how to fit a galvanic isolator to your boat

The isolator can be attached to any flat surface, either by using screws, double sided adhesive tape, or a mastic gun applied adhesive.

Again… no electrical knowledge is needed.

However you choose to do it, fitting only takes a few minutes.


• Galvanic Current Protectionbest quality galvanic isolators
• Fitted in Minutes
• No Electrical Knowledge Req’d
• Fit & Forget


Guaranteed Effective
Safeguards your boat against Galvanic Currents in the hook up cable. Proven, reliable performance.

galvanic isolator for narrowboatsWeatherproof
Featuring a weatherproof enclosure, (IP56) winter (and summer) proof Arctic Blue cable and industry standard connectors with IP44 protection against ingress of water and dust.

500 Amps Rated
The internal components are rated for 500 Amps surge current. All exposed components are UV resistant, meaning that it won’t suffer from the extremes of weather.

Plug & Play
Simple installation – the isolator simply plugs on to the end of your boat’s hook-up cable. Can be used either at the boat end or the supply end of the cable for ultimate convenience. Maintenance free. The Galvanic Isolator works invisibly in the background, protecting you boat from damaging Galvanic Currents..

best galvanic isolators UK

Guaranteed to fit
Supplied with industry standard connectors, your galvanic isolator is designed to fit the standard connector found in all marinas in the UK, and most abroad. This connector is fitted to all narrowboats and wide beams, assuring total compatibility.

Still not sure? If you have any doubts about the size of your connectors, it’s easy to check. Just measure the plug, and if it’s about the same as the measurements in the picture, this is the right galvanic isolator for you. If in doubt, please feel free to get in touch.


Specification Gi-120/BK

  • Voltage: 110 – 250Vac
  • Surge Current 5ooA
  • Temperature Range -50c to 120c
  • Body waterproof to IP66
  • Connectors Waterproof to IP44
  • Galvanic Current Protection
  • EXTRA Protection
  • Quality Construction
  • Fit & Forget operation
  • Simple to fit
  • Dimensions (approx):
    • Enclosure 110mm x 110mm x 55mm
    • Cable 1.25m end to end

The Gi-120/BK is suitable for shore supplies that are protected by a RCD (Earth leakage circuit breaker) with a tripping current of 30mA or less, and MCB 16a or less. If in doubt, please contact a qualified electrician.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm