Galvanic Corrosion can make a real mess of a boat. It corrodes the underwater metalwork a lot faster than you'd imagine. But ONLY if you connect to an electric hook up.

If you DO connect to a hook up, (and let's face it - electric on tap IS nice), you need to protect your boat from Galvanic corrosion. Fortunately, it's incredibly simple to do. Just connect our Galvanic isolator onto the end of your hookup cable - either end works perfectly - and the Galvanic currents stop INSTANTLY. No Galvanic currents = No Galvanic corrosion. You'll appreciate the difference next time your boat comes out of the water!

isolation transformer for boats

Fitted in UNDER a minute!

All our Galvanic isolators are hand built and individually tested for unrivalled reliability. Lifetime Guarantee! 

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