Galvanic Isolators are even more fun than FOOTIE!

Galvanic Corrosion won't be watching the Big Game!!

Instead, while you're watching England lift the trophy (hopefully), Galvanic Corrosion will still be chomping away at your boat's hull. It'll be eating her anodes, and it won't even stop to watch the penalties.

Unless you've got a Galvanic Isolator of course. In which case, you can watch the match, knowing that whatever the score, your boat won't be slowly corroding away - even if there's extra time!

You might want to put a bet on your fave team, but don't gamble against Galvanic Corrosion! Go for the safe bet - a Galvanic Isolator. Then you can enjoy the game knowing that whatever happens in the match, your boat will come out unscathed.

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