If you can see evidence of rusting around your boat's waterline, chances are that Galvanic corrosion is to blame.
Galvanic corrosion is caused by tiny electrical currents and can rot your boats hull and prop in no time.
THE easiest way to protect your boat from corrosion damage is by using a plug in Galvanic Isolator. Our Galvanic isolator blocks the currents and stops the corrosion.
The isolator plugs into your electric hookup, and prevents corrosion currents from coming down the cable. When the currents stop, so does the corrosion - instantly.
It may seem too good to be true, but in fact, the sience is 100% solid, and the proof is simple... Galvanic Isolators WORK!
Boaters sometimes think that Galvanic corrosion is something that happens to other people's boats. But the fact is that ALL boats that are connected to an electric hook up are vulnerable to Galvanic corrosion. That's because when a boat is in water, it's metalwork acts like a battery, and generates small electric currents, which carry minute particles of your boat's hull away with them. 
Your boat's anodes are made of "soft" metal, usually zinc or aluminium. That's why the anodes go first. But unless you have a LOT of anodes, the chances are that they are only partially protecting your boat. 
Fact: Most boats have only 1/3 of the anodes they need

A single Galvanic isolator protects ALL of the underwater metalwork of your boat - no matter how big or small. It's probably THE simplest, cheapest and easiest way to protect your boat.

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