As the weather warms up, Galvanic Currents ROT boats even faster!!

HERE is how you can STOP Galvanic Corrosion.

Probably the LAST thing you’re thinking about right now as you sip your G & T is rust. But when the weather gets warmer, Galvanic Corrosion speeds up appreciably – and that’s BAD news for your boat!

Galvanic Corrosion pits steelwork, wastes anodes and attacks propellers. But it doesn’t have to!


galvanic isolators for hull protection


You can stop Galvanic Currents (and the damage they cause), easily and cheaply. You don’t even need a screwdriver to fit our Galvanic Isolators, and they are GUARANTEED to stop corrosion due to Galvanic Currents in your electric hook up cable.

A simple Galvanic Isolator just plugs into your electric hook up cable, and Galvanic Currents can’t get past it. Just plug it in and you’re protected.


So if you’re seeing pitting around the waterline, if your anodes aren’t lasting, or if your prop’s surface is looking rough, our Galvanic Isolators can help. They won’t reverse the damage that’s been done, but they can stop it getting worse.


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