If your boat is connected to a mains hook up, it absolutely needs Galvanic Isolation.

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what is the best galvanic isolatorThe alternative is wasted anodes, rotting hull, corroding propeller etc., etc. EVERY boat connected to a shore supply has Galvanic Corrosion Currents, and you can stop them easily by fitting a simple Galvanic Isolator.

It’s a proven fact that Galvanic Currents speed up the process of corrosion on a boat’s metal parts. And that’s true whether the vessel is made from steel or aluminium, and whether it’s moored in fresh water or salt water.

Galvanic corrosion happens because of small electrical currents that flow along the earth conductor of the boat’s mains hookup lead. These currents are the result of a chemical reaction between the metalwork of the boat, and nearby metallic objects such as other vessels, pontoons, or even the minerals in the bed of the canal, river or sea.

Even boats with GRP hulls are vulnerable, as their outdrives, propellors, outboard motors are all subject to corrosion by galvanic currents.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to prevent these Galvanic Currents from flowing. A Galvanic Isolator “Blocks” the currents, by placing a “Galvanic Barrier” in the earth  conductor of the  mains cable. We have a range of Galvanic Isolators, some that are wired into your boat’s electrical system, and others that need no wiring at all.

Fitted in seconds, they simply plug into your hook up cable – you don’t even need a screwdriver. And with prices from under £60 (for the wire-in type), they won’t rot a hole in your pocket either. Please check out our website on the link HERE