Galvanic Isolator – Do I need one?

We are often asked whether it’s worthwhile buying a Galvanic Isolator. Good question!

Generally speaking if :

Your boat is made of any kind of metal


Your boat has an engine, (either outboard or inboard)

… the answer is YES, you need an isolator. However, there is ONE exception to the rule….

are galvanic isolators essentialIf you NEVER, ever connect your boat to a mains hook up, you don’t need an Isolator. If you connect to a generator that is on LAND, then an Isolator is strongly advised.

The flow chart gives you a simple way to check.

If you DO need a Galvanic Isolator, there are two categories that they fall into: Plug In, and Wire In.

As the name suggests, a Plug in Galvanic Isolator simply plugs into your mains hook-up cable. It takes a few seconds, and you don’t need any tools or electrical knowledge.

A Wire In Galvanic Isolator is permanently installed on the boat. Fitting is simple and straightforward, and well within the capabilities of a reasonable DIY’er. Full instructions are provided of course.

Please click the link below to view both types of Galvanic Isolator.

does my boat need a galvanic isolator