Galvanic Isolator or Isolation Transformer?    < Learn More >

If you want to prevent corrosion on your boat, Galvanic isolation is a must. Galvanic isolation means electrically isolating (disconnecting) the metalwork of a boat from a shore based electric supply. So it follows.... < More >

How do you Stop Galvanic Corrosion on a Boat?   < Learn More >

Galvanic corrosion on boats is caused by a chemical reaction between the boat’s metalwork, and it’s surroundings. This reaction creates a small electric Galvanic Corrosion Current which can dissolve metal from a boat’s hull.... < More >

How does a Galvanic Isolator work?    < Learn More >

A Galvanic Isolator works by blocking the small electrical currents that can flow along your boat’s electric hook up cable, sometimes known the shore line. Of course, the electric hook up cable is intended to carry electrical current.... < More >

What size Galvanic Isolator do I need?  < Learn More >

Don’t be tempted to think a 32A isolator is somehow “Stronger” than a 16A. It’s not. If you choose to buy a Plug In Galvanic isolator, it couldn’t be easier - you simply choose an isolator with the correct connections for your system. In the va.... < More >