Welcome to the Galvanic Isolator Company!!

Your boat is probably worth many thousands of pounds/euros/dollars. It doesn’t matter which currency you use, it makes sense to protect her. Our range of Galvanic Isolators is designed to save your boat’s hull, and stern gear from corrosion due to Galvanic Currents, which would otherwise eat away at the metalwork.*

Whether your boat is on a Canal, River or Ocean, we can help you keep your boat safe. Our models are professionally built in the UK. We are boaters ourselves, and use our own products to protect OUR boat.

Welcome to the Galvanic Isolator Company!!

best galvanic isolator on the market


Enjoy your boat and have peace of mind that Galvanic Corrosion isn’t eating away at her hull. It only takes seconds to fit a Galvanic Isolator, and no tools or electrical knowledge are needed.

Whatever the length of your boat, whether it’s narrow or wide beam, our galvanic isolators offer a high degree of protection from both Galvanic and DC Leakage currents.

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best galvanic isolator for grp


GRP and wooden craft have hulls that are not affected by Galvanic corrosion. But their stern gear, (outdrives, outboard motors, propellers etc.) are.

When moored, and connected to  a shore supply, galvanic & stray currents can have a destructive effect on these vulnerable parts of your boat. This is made worse by the fact that many of the parts that make up stern gear are made of “soft” metals.

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ocean vessels galvanic isolation


When at sea, Galvanic corrosion is not an issue, provided the metalwork on the vessel is correctly bonded. When moored, it’s another matter entirely. 

The combination of salt water, and electrical connection to a shore  supply makes for an easy path for Galvanic and leakage currents. These currents will rapidly corrode the hull and sacrificial anodes of steel vessels, and the sterngear on GRP & wooden craft. 

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