Diesel Bug!

Don’t forget that now the weather’s getting warmer, Diesel Bug is a real threat, because it LOVES the humid space just above the fuel in your diesel tank. It breeds there, and the dying bugs sink to the bottom of your tank, then get sucked into your engine, heater etc.

Diesel Bug can cause £1000’s of damage, particularly if it gets into the engine’s fuel injection system.

diesel biocideTo prevent it, you should treat your fuel tank REGULARLY with a fuel biocide such as Bug Gone. A phial of Bug Gone costs £7.99, and can be used as a cure, or, better still, as a preventative.

It is MUCH better to prevent the bug than to cure it

I can’t emphasize that enough!! It takes a few seconds to pour it into your fuel tank. There’s no stripping down, no tools. It’s as easy as pouring a glass of wine, (but not as much fun).

You can get Bug Gone direct from us for just £7.99 – enough to treat most tanks twice as a preventative, or once as a cure. Click HERE for more info.