If you have a boat with a metallic hull, or with underwater metalwork, the thought of needing repairs due to corrosion probably makes your blood run cold. And even the price of a set of anodes is pretty scary too.

Galvanic isolators for grp boatsA simple Galvanic Isolator can completely STOP hull corrosion from Galvanic currents, and your anodes can easily last up to 4 times longer. You DON’T need your boat out of the water to fit a Galvanic Isolator – the isolator simply plugs into your electric hook-up cable, where it acts as a BARRIER to Galvanic currents, preventing them from rotting your boat.

One Galvanic Isolator is suitable for all hull materials and water types, and works perfectly with any length of boat.

You can look at a Galvanic Isolator as a kind of “pressure switch”. Under normal circumstances, the switch is OPEN, preventing Galvanic currents from flowing. But in the event of an electrical fault, the switch INSTANTLY closes, ensuring that your boat is properly and safely “earthed”. Simple, and completely effective.

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