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Enjoy your boat and have peace of mind that Galvanic Corrosion isn’t eating away at her hull. It only takes seconds to fit a Galvanic Isolator, and no tools or electrical knowledge are needed. Whatever the length of your boat, whether it’s narrow or wide beam, our galvanic isolators offer a high degree of protection from both Galvanic and DC Leakage currents.

galvanic isolator prevents anode wastage on narrowboatGalvanic corrosion can start the moment you connect your boat to a shore supply. The first things to suffer will be your “Anodes”. Anodes are fitted and designed to give up their metal, rather than that of your boats hull.

Anodes aren’t cheap, and unless your boat’s hull is effectively isolated from the shore supply’s earth, (with a galvanic isolator), the anodes can shrink at an alarming rate. That’s because they are made of a “soft” metal, (from the point of view of galvanic corrosion). After a surprisingly short time, without a galvanic isolator, your anodes could corrode to nothing. Then, with nothing to protect it, your hull is next to go.

galvanic isolator to make your boats anodes and hull last longerIn the picture, a new anode is being welded to a narrowboat’s hull. A galvanic isolator can significantly lengthen the lifespan of anodes.

Also, most narrowboats don’t have nearly enough anodes fitted to fully protect the hull from galvanic corrosion.

We strongly recommend that sufficient anodes are fitted AND that a galvanic isolator is always used when your boat is plugged into a shore electric supply.


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