Galvanic Isolator protects boats from corrosion currents!

Whenever your boat is connected to a mains hook up, small, unwanted electrical currents flow. A Galvanic Isolator can stop these currents flowing, and save your boat.

best galvanic isolator in UK

These currents are tiny, but they flow 24/7, and can corrode your boat’s hull and propeller – in fact almost ANYTHING that’s under water and made of metal .

The good news is tht it’s easy to stop these currents with a simple Galvanic Isolator. Don’t let the techy name scare you – they’re simple really.

In fact they are SO simple that NOT fitting a galvanic isolator is just plain loopy – just plug in and you’re protected. You don’t need an electrician. In fact, you don’t even need to open your toolbox, as our plug in galvanic isolators are DESIGNED to be fitted by someone with no technical knowledge at all.

Prices run from UNDER £60, all with LIFETIME guarantee.

does my boat need a galvanic isolatorThe best galvanic isolators on the market give protection against Galvanic Currents AND Earth Leakage!