Galvanic Isolator or RUST???

.... you might not have heard this...

It's a pretty stark choice... Do we let our boats rot slowly away, because of Galvanic currents, or do we protect them with a simple electronic device, known as a Galvanic isolator?

Not everybody knows this... Galvanic currents are NOT caused by faulty electrics. They are the result of the interaction between the metalwork of your boat and it's surroundings - simple physics!

If you plug your boat into an electric hook up, Galvanic currents flow down the earth cable, and these currents corrode your boat's metalwork. And the same's true for metal hulled boats or GRP boats with outboards, saildrives etc.

The good news is that the moment you connect a Galvanic isolator, those "corrosion currents" STOP. INSTANTLY. You don't need a degree in electronics to fit a Galvanic isolator. In fact, you don't even need a screwdriver. It just plugs on to the end of your electric hookup cable. You can be protected in just 30 seconds.

If you can't fit our Galvanic isolator yourself, just send it back for a full refund. Simple as that.

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