If you've noticed pitting around the waterline of your boat, or if the anodes aren't lasting as long as you'd expect, you probably have issues with Galvanic Corrosion.

In fact, if your boat uses an electric hookup, the chances are that Galvanic Currents are taking a bite out of your anodes and prop, EVEN IF the boat's hull coating is looking after the steelwork.

isolation transformer boat

You don't need an aqualung to fit our Galvanic Isolators!

This is a problem that's VERY common, and VERY easy to solve, with a simple Galvanic Isolator. A Galvanic Isolator is a simple electrical device that plugs on to the end of your electric hookup cable, and BLOCKS those Galvanic Currents, instantly stopping the corrosion they cause.

A Galvanic isolator costs a LOT less than a set of anodes, and you can fit it yourself without an aqualung, or even a screwdriver!


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