We’ve just introduced two new (very) competitively priced Galvanic Isolator models.

Both of the models have Status Alert and 2-Stage Protection.

galvanic isolator monitoredStatus Alert continuously monitors your boat’s earthing arrangement, and it’s two indicators that tell you about any earth leakage or corrosion currents that could be an issue.

If the isolator detects that there is a problem with the boat’s earth, a simple display will give you information about the fault.


2-Stage protection is like having TWO galvanic isolators in a single package. So you are protected against TWICE the normal Leakage Voltage or Corrosion Current. This is particularly helpful if you have computers, mobile phones etc. aboard, because the power supplies to can “imprint” noise onto the boat’s electrical system that can, in extreme cases, defeat a normal  isolator.

These are the models – Please click the picture for more information.

galvanic isolator for narrowboats

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Wire in isolator with Status Alert and 2-Stage Protection







status monitor galvanic isolator

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Plug in isolator with Status Alert and 2-Stage Protection