ocean vessels galvanic isolation


When at sea, galvanic corrosion is not an issue, always provided that the metalwork on the vessel is correctly bonded. When moored, it’s another matter entirely. The combination of salt water, and electrical connection to a shore  supply makes for an easy path for galvanic and leakage currents. These currents will rapidly deplete the vessel’s sacrificial anodes on steel vessels. GRP & wooden craft are not immune. On these boats, any underwater metalwork, propellers, drive shafts, cocks etc., etc are vulnerable, and the presence of salty, electrically conductive water speeds up the process of corrosion considerably. Connecting to the shore electrical supply via a Galvanic Isolator can “break” the path of those destructive currents, and protect metalwork from corrosion. Galvanic Isolators can be of the plug-in type, that can be fitted in just a few seconds, or permanently installed as part of the vessel’s electrical wiring. In either case, the level of protection is exactly the same.