Unfortunately, Galvanic corrosion is no respecter of the weather, so whether the sun’s shining or it’s raining cats & dogs, Galvanic corrosion just keeps on eating away at your boat…

galvanic corrosion saildriveAnything made of metal that’s under the water is at risk of attack – and that even includes the hull, anodes, prop etc.

We call Galvanic corrosion the “Silent Boat Killer”, because it does it’s work slowly, day and night. It’s a continuous process and goes on as long as your boat is connected to shore power. If you want/need to stay connected to electricity, (but WITHOUT damaging your boat), the easy solution to put a stop to destructive Galvanic currents is to fit a simple Galvanic isolator, which just plugs on to the end of your hookup cable, and can stop Galvanic currents instantly.

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