Even though it's Easter, Galvanic Corrosion won't be taking the day off. It'll still be hard at work, 24 hours a day... nibbling away at the hull of your boat... munching into her anodes, and putting pits in her prop'.

simple galvanic isolator for boats

SO easy to fit... even a MAN can do it 🙂

Unless you have a Galvanic Isolator of course. That's because a simple Galvanic Isolator can completely stop the Galvanic Currents that corrode your boat. The thing about Galvanic isolators is that they sound so... complicated! But in reality, our Galvanic Isolators are so simple that you don't even need an electrician to fit one, because it just plugs into the end of your electric hookup cable.

No other Galvanic Isolator is as easy to use. We guarantee it. In fact, if you find our isolator too difficult to fit, simply return it for a FULL no questions asked refund.

P.S.  We're on a safe bet here, 'cos we know how easy they are!


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