Galvanic Isolator Secrets

The easiest way to stop your boat rotting away is to use a Galvanic Isolator.
Our Galvanic isolators are SO simple! They just plug into the electric hook-up cable. Easy as that!

how to prevent anode lossPeople tell us that their anodes last longer, and they don’t have to bottom black as often.

Unfortunately, there are NO reports of Galvanic Isolators making us thinner or better lovers.

Guess we’ll just have to settle for a corrosion free boat.

But seriously, fitting a simple galvanic isolator, sometimes called a Zinc Saver, can dramatically lengthen the life of anodes, and you may well not have to treat the hull of your boat as often.

For many people, this represents HUGE savings. PLUS, your boat stays healthier, and holds it’s price. Please click below for more info.

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