Can I ask you a question?

Does YOUR boat have electrical earth leakage? Chances are that, like most boaters, you don’t know.

Earth Leakage….

Rots Hulls – MUCH FASTER than Galvanic Corrosion

galvanic isolators for narrowboatsHull corrosion can be caused by Earth Leakage as well as Galvanic currents. This type of corrosion can happen very quickly. Although it’s  similar to Galvanic corrosion, it happens much faster.

Usually the pitting is light to begin with, but rapidly becomes much more severe, and can soon lead to a “Sweating” hull.  Actually, a sweating hull is far more serious than it might sound, as the “sweating” is actually water entering through microscopic perforations in areas where the metal is heavily corroded.

Earth Leakage….

Eats Anodes – often in months

sacrificial anodes on canal boatsYour boats anodes are intended to protect it’s metalwork. But if you have Earth Leakage problems, your anodes will usually be the first to go – after all that’s why they’re called “sacrificial anodes”.

So, if your anodes aren’t lasting as long as you expect, this is often a sign of Earth Leakage.

Unfortunately, many boats don’t have sufficient anodes fitted to provide adequate protection, so even boats with new anodes can be damaged by Earth Leakage.

Earth Leakage….

Corrodes Propellers

narrowboat propeller damaged by earth leakage and galvanic corrosionBrass propellers are quickly damaged by Earth Leakage. The picture shows a badly corroded prop.

However, the damage doesn’t stop there, because the corrosion often extends into the propeller shaft and bearings.

This is made worse by the fact that a corroded propeller is often out of balance, and can cause vibration.

But the MASSIVE problem with Earth Leakage is that most people have never even heard of it. From our experience we estimate that around 1 in 3 boats have earth leakage problems.

One of the main causes of Earth Leakage is the technical equipment (battery chargers, inverters etc), that we have on our boats, which can send pulses of leakage through the boats electrical system – even when they are working perfectly.

If your boat has Earth Leakage problems, you almost certainly won’t know about it! Earth Leakage will NOT blow a fuse, and it will NOT trip a circuit breaker. 

why is my hull rusting corrodingThat’s why we developed a range of Galvanic Isolators with Status Alert, that detect and warn you about Earth Leakage. They detect ALL types of earth Leakage, instantly.

With one of our latest Galvanic Isolators with Status Alert, you get to know about Earth Leakage before it can seriously damage your boat.

Our Galvanic Isolator with Status alert will tell you if your boat is at risk – AND it protects you from Galvanic corrosion too.

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