Galvanic Corrosion - What does it LOOK like?

.... you might not have heard this...

A Galvanic isolator prevents Galvanic corrosion on your boat by blocking Galvanic currents from flowing in your electric hookup cable. These Galvanic currents have nothing to do with the current that powers the lights etc on your boat. Neither are they caused by faulty wiring or equipment. They are caused by the reaction between the underwater metalwork of your boat, (hull, outboard, Saildrive etc.), and its surroundings.

But what does Galvanic corrosion actually LOOK like?? On boats with metallic hulls, you'll usually see it as pitting around the waterline. It can have the appearance of flaky rust, or obvious pitting.

galvanic corrosion on outboard

In some cases, Galvanic corrosion will have an obvious silver tint to it. That's metal from your anodes attaching itself to the hull, and is a sure sign of Galvanic corrosion.

On outboards etc, it can look like a rough surface or bubbling under the paint, and propellers can turn a pinky colour, due to the Galvanic currents leeching the zinc out of the metal.


A Galvanic isolator can help prevent Galvanic corrosion on your boat, saving you an absolute fortune in repair costs, making anodes last longer, etc., etc. And you can fit a Galvanic isolator yourself - in a few seconds, with NO electrical knowledge needed.

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