Galvanic Corrosion... Does YOUR Boat Have It ???

It's TRUE.... Galvanic Corrosion Really CAN (and DOES) Sink Boats!


Galvanic Corrosion really CAN sink boats - metal hulled ones anyway. But boats with GRP and similar hulls are just as vulnerable, because Galvanic corrosion can eat through an outboard or Saildrive leg in almost no time at all.

Even worse, the corrosion can destroy driveshaft bushes & bearings too, so it makes perfect sense to protect your boat.

The problem is that you would probably never know your boat had Galvanic corrosion, until the damage is severe. Like rust, what you see on the surface is often just a fraction of what's really going on underneath.

When a boat is connected to an electric hookup, it's at it's most vulnerable, but a simple Galvanic isolator can put a stop to Galvanic currents amd the devastating damage they cause.

You can fit a Galvanic isolator for less than the price of a couple of anodes, so it makes perfect sense however you look it it.

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