Galvanic Corrosion Narrowboats

Galvanic Isolators stop galvanic corrosion

how to prevent galvanic corrosion on narrow boats ukProtecting your boat from Corrosion Currents is easy. Our Plug In Galvanic Isolators do exactly that.

Boats really do sink through galvanic corrosion, and as you can imagine – our galvanic isolators cost quite a bit less than a new boat.

If your boat is plugged in to mains electric, galvanic isolation is absolutely essential – even if you’re only keeping your batteries topped up.

It’s a complete fallacy that you only need an isolator if you use a LOT of electric! If you’re plugged into a mains hook up, you need galvanic protection even if you have NOTHING switched on.

Zinc Savers UK

That’s the other name that Galvanic Isolators are known by. Why? Because having a Galvanic Isolator can reduce corrosion currents to ZERO, thereby preventing your boat’s sacrificial anodes from corroding prematurely.

Galvanic Isolators for Salt Water

Our Galvanic Isolators are designed to work in ALL types of water… Salt, Fresh Water and Brackish Water. The type of water isn’t important, because it’s all taken care for you.

Galvanic Isolators for Fresh Water

When we talk about FRESH water, we don’t necessarily mean water that’s suitable for drinking of course. So our galvanic protection extends to canal boats, river boats, and of course boats on inland lakes & locks.

Galvanic Isolators for Brackish Water

It may be that you cruise both inland and offshore, or like to cruise the estuaries. Exactly the same galvanic isolator works perfectly in all types of water, regardless of the salt content.

Corrosion Reduction

Our Galvanic Isolators completely BLOCK corrosion currents from flowing in the earth conductor of your mains hookup cable whilst maintaining ALL of the protection of the boat’s and the marina’s electrical installation.


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