While we are all enjoying our Jubilee Weekend, Galvanic corrosion is having a real PARTY, with lots of tasty hulls, anodes and propellers to eat. In fact, you mighht want to think of Galvanic corrosion as a Boat Eating Shark!!

Galvanic corrosion just LOVES sunny days, because as the weather gets warmer, Galvanic corrosion happens faster, because the chemical process that causes it relies on heat. The hotter it gets, the faster your boat rots away.

But don't worry TOO much... Stopping Galvanic corrosion is easy, with a simple Galvanic isolator that just plugs into your electric hookup cable. You just plug it in, then it's back to your Jubilee Knees-Up.

Don't let Galvanic corrosion spoil YOUR party. Plug in a Galvanic isolator, and relax 🙂


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